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Friday, June 19, 2009

No post in june?

Aww.... sorry I was MIA lately.... or I better say MIA online but oh, not in my craftroom! And thanks to my friends who let comments and email! I'll get back to you soon!
I am working on a new project, an online boutique for cardmaking supplies and stamps and I want to renew stock in my Etsy shop also...
Too much projects in my little head! Not enough hours in a day!
I did not make lot of cards lately but I'll be back and show you some soon...
Its also the last day of school for my daughter today. Mean no more vacation for Mummy then... lol No, kidding! I'll show you this weekend what Amelie crafted for her teacher, so cute!

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Linda Bandow said...

Anne: Can hardly wait to see your online boutique.....get Amelie busy stamping and blogging. Hope you all are well and that your weather is better than ours here in the Chicago has been one lo-o-o-ng, wet Spring.