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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Sorry, was MIA for a while...
We had great weather for our vacations, hot! hot! hot! So we played in the pool!!!
We'll keep our tradition: always put the vacation on the second week of August.
Why not take another week? 12 years of good timing is enough to convice us now! LOL

Well, its back to school time soon...
My daughter will be back to school on August 28.
Weird idea to begin school on friday, isn'it?
Summer holiday was too short... Its like we didn't had time to do nothing... awww...

I'm still working on few projects and even if I have little troubles, I'll stay positive! I should be back soon and tell you more about it.

Its Back to School time at Forum Boutique Pop-Art too!
We are taking inscriptions for cards exchange. Monthly Challenge are online too!
Early september we'll offer some great preorders for stamps lovers and pergamano crafters. Even if its in french don't be shy and take a look!

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